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Medical vs. Fashion Wigs

We’ve all seen examples of really bad wigs, resulting in a less than stellar reputation. In many cases they have not been designed, manufactured or styled to the highest standards.

Unfortunately, the hair replacement business is one in which you only notice bad quality workmanship. Quality craftsmanship is never seen, because it looks so natural. We have worked very hard to make sure that our wigs and hair replacement systems are of the very highest quality in design, craftsmanship and styling.

Our exclusive lines of medical quality wigs are designed for a totally natural and completely undetectable appearance. Whether the hair is natural or man-made fiber, the quality craftsmanship and attention to detail makes all the difference.

Synthetic/Human Hair Wigs

The synthetic hair that we choose for our custom wigs is of much higher quality than you would see in a catalog. Our synthetic hair wigs are ‘medical quality’. Medical quality wigs are a huge improvement over machine made fashion wigs.  The materials used to create the wig are designed with care to be feather light and to not irritate a sensitive scalp.

Human hair wigs  are cut and customized to the look that you want. All of our customization is done in-house.  Human hair wigs allow you to use hot blowers, rollers and curling (straightening) irons. You have styling options that are limited only by your imagination.

Cranial Prosthesis for Medical Hair Loss

  • Insurance sometimes covers a wig or cranial prosthesis.

If you are contemplating a hair prosthesis, you should assume that you will lose all or a high percentage of your hair when you begin chemotherapy treatment. By doing so, your advance planning will assist you in making sure that your custom wig or hair prosthesis has been made to your specifications, needs and will be ready for you.

  • Your first wig or hair prosthesis usually duplicates your hair as closely as possible, but it is your choice.
  • Turbans and scarves are also available.

At Krueger’s, we offer a caring approach to clients suffering from hair loss or thinning hair due to chemotherapy and other forms of medically related hair loss.